Monk Power

Sir Isaac Newton is best known for his theories regarding gravity and laws of motion on earth (we all know the apple story by now).  In short, Newton theorizes that all matter is self-contained and that the only way to change matter is by force or collision; heating, freezing it, burning it, dropping it, hitting it.

But what Newton and many scientists do not account for is the “energy” of our world that is generated by essentially everything around us (our thoughts, feelings, plants, animals, etc…).  In simple, commercial terms….think of the Na’vi (blue people) in “Avatar”.

If you’re an athlete or have been in a position where only your sheer willpower was the only way out of a jam, then I’m sure you have experience in the power of human intention.  Be it “chi power” or just an “adrenaline rush”, I believe we all the power to do things that could not be explained by Sir Isaac Newton.

In 1985 Harvard Benson went against the typical scientific grain and conducted self-heating/energy tests with a group of Tibeten monks.   Here is what he found…

Performed by: Herbert Benson – Cardiologist at Harvard Medical School

Experiment Details: In 1985, a group of Tibetan monks were put into a room with temperatures approaching freezing, while a fellow monk
draped them in cold, wet sheets.  These severe conditions would normally send the body into shock, the core temperature plummeting,
and result in a loss of consciousness and vital signs after only a 12 degree drop in body temperature.

Instead of trembling from the cold, the monks began to sweat, causing steam to rise from the sheets.  In an hour they were dry, and two other
ice-cold, wet sheets were placed on the monks, one after another – both were quickly dried by the heat generated by the monks.

Results: Herbert Benson and his team of scientists found that these monks had raised their temperatures by up to 17°F and lowered their
metabolism by more than 60%.

They had done all of this with the power of their thoughts and intentions.

Source: H. Benson et al., “Body temperature changes during the practice of g tum-mo (heat) yoga,” Nature
1982; 295: 234-6; H. Benson, “Body temperature changes during the practice of g tum-mo yoga (Matters
Nature, 1982; 298: 402.

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