Asian Conan Watch – Day Two.

Today was day two of our Asian Conan shoot for Funny or Die.  Fox Newsreporter Suzanne Marques was kind enough to come straight from Good Day LA to play herself in the closing scene of our short.  Think “April O’Neil” and you’ll have a good sense of where her character may be developing with the “AC”.

asian conan shoot josh simpson

suzanne marques steven ho asian conan shoot

suzanne marques asian conan shoot steven ho

Thanks to Mike Mitchell and Paul-Brian McReynolds for lending their torsos for slo-motion stomach and chest punches by Asian Conan.

paul brian mcreynolds mike mitchell asian conan shoot

asian conan shoot mike mitchell paul brian mcreynolds

Tomorrow is our third and final day of shooting (main intro of AC walking the streets of Downtown).  Josh Simpson (producer) and Bradley Schultz (director) should have a final edit ready to air in the next few weeks.  Look for it on Funny or Die.

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